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A scanned section of the original painting 'Caught'

Exclusive Artist Proofs

The Gallery of Dynamic Realism is delighted to be able to offer collectors the opportunity to purchase Artist Proof Archival Quality Fine Art Prints. There are only 10 Artist Proof prints available of each original artwork produced. The Artist Proof prints are printed to the full size of the original artworks.

Dynamic Realist Prints are produced to the highest standard throughout the production process, from the three-dimensional profiles created with Cruse Scanning technology, to the use of Archival quality canvas, inks and the Lambda process we use for our paper prints. This ensures the print durability for over 100 years. Each print comes with its own certificate of authenticity providing production detail and signed by the Abbey Walmsley. Special messages can also be requested to be written on the backs of prints.

Artist Proof Prints are available on a first come, first serve basis and can be ordered by phone or email.

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