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A scanned section of the original painting 'Caught'

About Us

The Gallery of Dynamic Realism is the business entity representing Abbey Walmsley's artworks and a subsidiary of Walmsley Fine Art Advisory. We service international collectors, providing exquisite contemporary art directly to its patrons. Abbey Walmsley actively collaborates with collectors to develop an understanding of their visions, that can become a work of art to enhance their personal or corporate art collections.

The business was established in 2000 in England and since the studio has been based in Canada, Ireland, Austria and now we have opened a gallery space based in Goldau, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland close to the business centres Zug and Zurich.

In the early years Abbey Walmsley was 'regarded as one of the youngest and best realist painters in the world.' Harrods, Art of Living 2003, Halcyon Gallery, London

The dedicated approach Abbey Walmsley has given the development of her techniques throughout the years has led her to explore beyond the conventional borders of the realist art genre. This new territory is 'Dynamic Realism'.

The aim of 'Dynamic Realism' is to compel collectors to develop a more acute sense of their world and to identify and understand that it is possible to produce artworks that are more tangible. This is an art that actively engages viewers in a moment of raw expression. It is proof that despite what some leading contemporary artists may say, painting is definitely NOT dead, instead there is a world of possibly waiting to be explored.

The Gallery of Dynamic Realism is independently positioned in the market place to enable collectors to access original art with an extraordinary level of craftsmanship that has a unique and timeless quality.

We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery.

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