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A scanned section of the original Drawing 'Cedar Fishing'

Artwork In Development Phase 1

This section of the website displays an artwork in full development, images of an artwork in production are normally only provided to patron's commissioning work, so they can journey with the development process.

Artwork: Chariot Racing Drawing titled - 'Race of Souls'

Dimension: 19" x 39"

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Phase 1. Precise Beginnings – Will the composition work?

One of the horses head from the second chariot.


With this drawing I have set myself yet another project full of challenge and complexity beyond that which I have done before. Although this drawing will be an artwork in it's own right, I hope this piece will demonstrate what a painting of this drawing would look like. The drawing depicts three chariots racing, the entire composition has been created from elements from my material gathered with RACE in Jordan in February this year.

Phase 1 of any drawing or painting allows me to see the compositional flow and whether the illusion will 'work'. This particular composition is very 'high risk' with many elements needed to make the whole, and if one of the elements is not in tune with the whole, the illusion will collapse.

The composition must make perspective sense to how a viewer sees the subject, this means everything from the stone walls in the background to the grains of sand in the foreground. The way sight works and how Dynamic Realism acts on perspective and the process of seeing, is a central point of fascination for me.

This phase also allows me to start understanding the mechanics of movement involved and how the elements will work together to convey forward motion.

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