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A scanned section of the original Drawing 'Cedar Fishing'

Artwork In Development Phase 7

Artwork: Chariot Racing Drawing titled - 'Race of Souls'

Dimension: 19" x 39"

Click on the scrolling images below to view sections of Phase 7, please be patient whilst the images load....


The development of phase 7

Phase 7 – Dynamic Displacement

Phase 7 of the drawing 'Race of Souls' sees the near completion of the last chariot pair and finally the swept of action becomes more apparent. The chariots have now been developed to a point where their current state of completion will reveal to me how the other areas must be constructed, to allow the composition to carry the energy associated with motion and emotion I want it to have.

Seeing the chariots like this, they appear to float, ungrounded in mid air and this causes the areas of the mind controlling and processing visual images to see a stark 'displacement'. Our sight is geared towards making sense of what we are looking at, it likes to see the 'whole'. When you are seeing only half of what goes into creating the illusion of movement, this failure to show the rest of it causes the mind to call for the 'blanks', the missing pieces, in order to make sense of the reality it represents.

It is at this point when the elements of the illusion are half complete that mistakes can be made and my assumptive mind that handles visual processes wants to take over to correct the displacement. This is why the mathematical framework established in the beginning is so important, my mind can use it for support, so it is not distracted by adaptive visual comprehension, and instead can stick to concentrating on particular elements of reality put down in a particular way, that will achieve ultimately the energy within the composition.

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