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Kambala Painting Production Phase 2

Phase 2 charts the under-drawing and scaling up of the Kambala painting.

The under-drawing is greatly important for Dynamic Realism and the more complex the composition with regard to the psychology of its subjects and the motion attempting to be captured within the scene, the more crucial the under-drawing.

This phase also shows the scaling up of the composition to fit the 4ft x 7ft canvas and the challenges this presented.

Below are four short films linked from the 'DynamicRealism' Youtube channel. In three of these films Abbey answers questions relating to how, why and what she aims to achieve with the under-drawing process that took four months to complete. The fourth film reveals some of he under-drawing process itself, in different areas of canvas over time.

Interview 1 - Accurate Underdrawing
Interview 2 - Detecting Inaccuracy
Interview 3 - Measuring 3D
The Drawing Out & Scaling Phase
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