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Kambala Painting Production Phase 6

showing the painting development upto September 2013

This phase shows the second half of the first buffalo in development between May 2013 and September 2013.

Film 1

This short film shows new completed elements of the buffalo the ceremonial head dress, part of the wooden yoke, the bright sun light catching the buffalo's back and the workings along the buffalo's flank down to the most prominent back leg.

The struggle of buffalo form under accurately placed dispersing water droplets is an ongoing headache. It is mentally draining to keep ones mind on two distinct surfaces to make them work together whilst not neglecting one layers importance over another.

showing the 3D painted sacface of an area of water

In the images above you can see this struggle, the first image shows where the droplets had to be re-drawn in bright pink from their original positions. The second image shows the completed surface after the droplets have been moved. The second (more complete image) also shows the multiple layers of paint, the first is the 'blocked in' layer of colour, the second builds the form of the buffalo and the third provides texture to the buffalo's skin and the dispersing water droplets over the textured surface. These droplets have different heights to further promote the depth of field.

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