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A large number of Abbey Walmsley's works of art are created for clients who commission unique pieces that capture subjects which hold a personal fascination for them. Commissioned works of Dynamic Realism are held in international private, public and corporate collections.

When patrons want to commission they recognise the elements that can be captured by Dynamic Realism and they are asked about the subjects they are interested in and why. Abbey Walmsley forms an understanding of how they appreciate their world and the connection or resonance they have with their chosen subject.

This helps Abbey Walmsley understand how to translate this connectivity into a composition that will reflect it back. Through collaboration Abbey works with patrons to try and identify summary moments of time / behaviour of subjects that will unlock and cause resonance for the patron, and that produces work that inspires them and the artist.

Client Benefits

There are many benefits of commissioning an original artwork from Abbey Walmsley Fine Art:

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