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A scanned section of the original painting 'Caught'
A part of the original painting 'Breaking Shadows' depicting a South American Jaguar, this painting contributes funds to Panthera's Jaguar Projects.


Clients who purchase a work of art from The Gallery of Dynamic Realism can invest not only in a piece of unique artistry depicting energy and movement. Clients can request to donate a percentage of an artwork's sales price to philanthropic causes chosen by them or by the artist.

Abbey Walmsley can do this because she deals with patrons directly, it is her way of providing funds back to the organisations that are connected to the subjects she portrays.

The Gallery of Dynamic Realism supports philanthropic organisations in the following ways:

Criteria for Selecting Philanthropy Organisations

The Gallery of Dynamic Realism promotes effective giving. Clients are advised to support charitable organisations who utilise donor money most effectively to achieve their objectives whilst keeping overheads as low as possible.

Example organisations already supported are:

Panthera Paintings In Hospitals
The John Aspinall Foundation Room To Read
The American Eagle Foundation  

*Percentage donation amounts are determined by The Gallery of Dynamic Realism.

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