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A scanned section of the original Drawing 'Race Of Souls'

'Race Of Souls' Drawing In Development

This section of the website displays an artwork in full development, images of an artwork in production are normally only provided to patron's commissioning work, so they can journey with the development process. To view the completed art work in the Historical Gallery please click here.

Artwork: Chariot Racing Drawing titled - 'Race of Souls'

The title alludes to Plato's Allegory from Phaedrus, where he describes the soul to be made up of three parts; reason, spirit and appetite and he uses the analogy of a Chariot (reason) being pulled by two horses (spirit and appetite). Plato's allegory is reflective in terms of the subjects portrayed and also my mental input and approach to my art.

Dimension: 19" x 39" / 47.5 x 97.5 cm

Price: SOLD Private Collection, London

Archival Lambda Prints on Paper are available of this artwork

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With this drawing I have set myself yet another project full of challenge and complexity beyond that which I have done before. Although this drawing will be an artwork in it's own right, I hope this piece will demonstrate what a painting of this drawing would look like. The drawing depicts three chariots racing, the entire composition has been created from elements from my material gathered with RACE in Jordan in February this year.

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