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A scanned section of the original Drawing 'Cedar Fishing'

Artwork In Development Phase 4

Artwork: Chariot Racing Drawing titled - 'Race of Souls'

Dimension: 19" x 39"

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Phase 4 – Sharpened Sight

As the drawing progresses, the more complex it gets and the more demanding on my ability to see. By 'seeing' I mean that which is truly there, not that which I think is there.

The human mind is exceptionally lazy when it comes to truly seeing what is actually there, it has to be trained and disciplined to be able to see accurately, without it allowing itself to fill in the gaps of conscious recognition.

The conscious recognition of objects has been developed in us since birth, and it allows to quickly comprehend our world around us, but when it comes to de-constructing reality as it really is, it becomes more of a disability to perception than a help.

This assuming part of the brain that tells you when an object is round, square, moving etc.. needs to be effectively turned 'off' when attempting understand the illusion of reality I am trying to create.

Seeing to me becomes like a mechanical process, of cross checking and mistrusting what you initially think is 'right.' The roots of developing this way of seeing/thinking and approaching subjects/objects in this manner, stem from my dyslexia and is a key driver in the development of Dynamic Realism.


The development of phase 4


Phase 4 shows that the level of focus and understanding of what I had seen in phase 3 has become deeper and more concentrated. I am aware of this because what I had completed before in phase 3, begins to show itself as incomplete and inaccurate. This may sound maddening, and it is, but there is always a level to my understanding that I will know I will reach... in time, with patience and discipline, and I will know when I have reached this point.

In phase 4 the headache of reconciling the complex elements has started to begin. It is impossible to complete and understand any area or element 100% at this stage. I am trying to push each element to be as complete as possible before moving rightwards along the drawing for practical reasons, some areas have many layers from hardness 8H to 7B and there is always a risk of displacing / smudging the graphite if I have to revise areas too much on a composition of this scale.

What must be determined (to keep my sanity) is a method of how the puzzle pieces must fit together, and to try and focus my mind on specific elements and their surroundings and what these surroundings 'mean' to that element, acutely and as a whole. Then their is the constant reflection process and altering and adjusting of elements as my understanding develops further and my ability to see deepens / sharpens.

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