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A scanned section of the original Drawing 'Cedar Fishing'

Artwork In Development Phase 6

Artwork: Chariot Racing Drawing titled - 'Race of Souls'

Dimension: 19" x 39"

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The development of phase 4

Phase 6 – When Sound Starts

During the drawing of the second chariot pair, comprehension of the visual connectivity between the two completed chariots starts to happen. When this interaction between the elements starts to become apparent, so to do the the titles for all of my works. It is also the time in a composition when you can also imagine the sound of the subjects portrayed.

The drawing will be titled 'Race of Souls' and the title alludes to Plato's Allegory from Phaedrus, where he describes the soul being made up of three parts: reason, spirit and appetite and he uses the analogy of a Chariot (reason) being pulled by two horses (spirit and appetite).

Plato's allegory is reflective in terms of the subjects portrayed and also my mental input and approach to my art.

The second chariot horses also presented an additional challenge – the horses coats are 'fee bitten grey' in colour, with dark markings that sometimes contradict the form of the horses muscles.

The work marks a significant journey for my artistic comprehension and abilities. The creation of Dynamic Realism follows a process of applied knowledge in such away as to uncover new truths.

This uncovering and exploration relies on the trust and faith that I have with my creative 'self' which enables me to move boundaries. By boundaries I mean the boundaries of known and appreciated realist exploration.

This drawing is about the ability to create a reality from scratch using reference points from gathered realities and the understanding of how light / tone, perspective, form and movement interact to create a truthful presentation of a new reality that depicts complex motion and interaction.

As I move onto the third and last chariot the flow of the subjects should begin to be seen, felt and heard to the onlooker.

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