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A scanned section of the original painting 'Fish Eagle'

Bird Links

Cumbrian Falconry Centre www.cumbrianfalconry.com
Heart of England Falconry www.heartofenglandfalconry.co.uk  
Ridgeside Falconry www.Falconry-Displays.co.uk
School for Falconry in Mid-Wales www.midwalesfalconry.co.uk
Online Falconry www.onlinefalconry.com
Falconry UK ltd www.falconrycentre.co.uk
Nad Al Shiba www.Nadalshibafalcons.com
North Carolina Falconers Guild www.ncfalconersguild.org
United Arab Emirates Falconry Club www.uaefalconer.com
Raptors of the Rockies http://www.raptorsoftherockies.org
Falconry Information Clearing House http://www.falconry.com
Raptor Art Prints www.RaptorArtPrints.com
International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey www.i-a-f.org
The American Eagle Foundation www.eagles.org
Falconry Canada www.Falconry.ca
The American Game Hawker www.dgwake.com
Hawking Direct www.Hawkingdirect.com
Falconer In Denmark www.falconer.dk
West Weald Falconry www.westwealdfalconry.co.uk
British Columbia Falconry http://bcfalconry.ca

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