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Kambala Painting Production Phase 1

The Canvas size chosen is the largest work of Dynamic Realism to date and is approximately 4ft x 7ft (when framed it will be almost 5ft x 8ft). The stretchers were made to measure in Cornwall, the canvas of the highest quality traditional linen was sourced. How the traditional linen canvas was made for the Kambala painting can be viewed in the short video below.

Canvas Shape - Originally I had set out to find a more square composition however having studied the material gathered in India I opted for an unusual perspective landscape whose motion perspective travels the subjects across the canvas and out of the frame.

The size of the canvas created a larger than usual problem of scaling the composition onto the canvas. As I began to draw out the composition it appeared that packing in the action held within the reference material seemed too big for the space that had been carefully measured. The drawing was constantly pulling on my mind that it didn't 'add up', that the relation between one line and the next were not right, not large enough.

As I have learnt over time, at this stage it is vital not to let my mind over rule what I am really seeing, to put the belief in the reality not the supposition. The constant nagging of the 'in-correctness' of the drawing hinted at the explosive energy to come from the piece and the challenge to contain it and yet give the impression of the subject moving outside the canvas.

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