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Kambala Painting Production Phase 4

In this phase of the painting the first buffalo's head has been completed. This buffalo's head took almost two months to complete because this area needed additional care as it forms a foundation of understanding. From this basis, the whole composition can be understood and developed with the balance of the thickness of paint being judged to optimise the depth perspective and the motion illusion.

Film 1

The short film below highlights the depth of painting, the texture and form of the buffalo's head mentioned in the interview film at the base of the page. The colouration is acute and in places jewel like with its vibrancy. Viewers are guided around close-up areas of the buffalo head to see the varied depth and texture of paint that gives the head its 3D form.

Film 2

In the short film below Abbey talks about why this area was the crucial starting point of the painting and also what the canvas is teaching her so far.

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