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Kambala Painting Production Phase 3

In this phase we explore the foundation layer of painting, that is the first layer of colour that is applied.

The foundation layer of the painting is the second and last area of mapping that is created to assist the development of the detailed work that goes into Dynamic Realism.

This second map, placed over the top of the under-drawing, is made of base colours and reveals the basic contours of the subjects within the composition, it begins to show how light works and helps to develop further an understanding of perspective.

This phase also starts the process of comprehension with regards to how the illusion of motion and energy will be created.

Although the development of the painting looks rapid at this stage, following stages will now appear to greatly slow down the progression of the painting as the detailing of the brush work is developed.

Below is a film that shows the painting throughout the foundation layer application that has taken the last 2 months

Film 1 - The growth of the Foundation Layer over 2 months
Images - Showing the development of Dynamic Realist Perspective

The following slides demonstrate the development of perspective and begins to hint at the explosive energy from motion that the composition will hold.

Film 2 - Interview with Abbey on Phase 3

In the short film below Abbey talks about how this phase of the painting develops her understanding of the composition, how long she feels it will take her to complete it and why she has taken on so large a canvas.

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